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“Communicate with your kitchen through the Power of Home Connect”

You can use your home appliances with the Home Connect function and partner services with your app in just a few steps.

“Home Connect puts the power in your fingertips”

If cooking is your thing, it’s about to get easier. The Home Connect app lets you monitor and control your appliances no matter where you are. Preheat the oven, start the coffee machine, or let the oven send you notifications when dinner is ready.

“Dinner is ready”

Out of all the notifications we receive every day, what could be better than “dinner’s ready?” As well as selecting the oven programme, Home Connect tells you when the programme has finished. Better still, the app can send an email to all the friends you’ve invited for dinner, telling them it’s time to enjoy your delicious food.

“Fully Automatic Hood”

For those great, open kitchens, try our fully automatic hood. Our Cooktop-based Hood Control and Automatic Air Sensor make sure that when you turn on your hob, the hood is automatically activated too. Use the Home Connect app to customise your settings. Let the odours get whisked away so that you can focus on the aromas.

“Storage Guide”

Each ingredient requires a special environment to maintain the flavour. Thanks to the Storage Guide in your Home Connect App, you don’t have to know the specific requirements for your groceries – it tells you where items are ideally stored, and even provides nutritional information.

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