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The Hottest Kitchen Design trends of 2016

The kitchen place is no longer a functional place to prepare food; it’s a place to perform art.

Multi-Surface Kitchens

A key trend that we are now beginning to see is the multi-level work surface island. You’ve got your stoves, your sinks and your chopping blocks from multiple areas. We are now seeing more and more connected dining entertaining areas, which makes it all the more conducive to the chef in the kitchen.

Open Shelving

Another key trend that we’ve noticed is open shelving, it’s perfect for displaying your styling items and creating a room divider for any large space. They have also begun to introduce open shelving, made from metal frames, natural stone, and composite stones. The shelving trend is growing increasingly quickly, As well as them being used as divider it, they can be hung from the ceilings like the one in the picture above, so key items are on display. There are generally very natural materials used for shelving. These open shelves allow homeowners to personalize the space, adding that subtle feel of this is my home; this is my space and is very personal to me.

Combining Materials

Materials vary when combining them together. You could have engineered quartz surfaces, wood, steel and porcelain, all within the same play. Marble, of course, is another great choice adding to a lovely college of colours and textures. It’s often said that surfaces are the most important part of your kitchen, one thing’s for sure, mixing textures and thicknesses is right on trend. There has been a very interesting development over the last couple of years, as we’ve come from very chunky counters to going through a stage of extremely thin counters and now we’re seeing a definite focus on the combination of the two. Combining thicknesses and textures often add’s a lot of interesting character to the overall space. We’re also starting to bring a lot of textures into the kitchen, very authentic and natural warm materials while giving off that modern feel. It’s quite common that you’ll find opaque glass cladding walls in kitchens, offering a lot of depth, the perfection of the gloss contrasting well against a very rough texture, which keeps the modern feel.

Smart Kitchens

In recent years we’ve seen the integration of a lot of digital technology within the kitchen space, which I believe comes from making our lives easier, in terms of how we operate and how we multi-task. Smart kitchens have been a key trend this year, introducing the likes of digital scales and the wireless chargers, where you can simply put your phone on the table and it will automatically charge by itself. In addition, we are seeing the introduction of smart taps and sinks that can be remotely controlled by the gesture of your hand.

New Look Extractor Fans

In the decor of a kitchen, designers for years have followed a very basic and rigid shape, which is slowly going out of fashion. More recently we have seen designers adopt lamp shade designs, which they’ve turned into features of art. Extracting as well as giving light. Some even have capabilities of playing music and have speakers attached to them, creating that ambience in the kitchen. Extractors are no longer a stand only art; they are now integrated into the design of the kitchen. Some are now as long as the island and have shelves on them, containing herbs and utensils.

Feature walls

Unique feature walls have made a huge comeback this year, geometric shapes and Moroccan patterns tiles and Smokey back like glass and even British sheets of bronze gold and copper have become the backdrop for the kitchen design. Feature walls are the perfect tool for effortlessly pulling the rest of kitchen elements together.

The atmosphere of the kitchen

Honestly, there has been a lot of attention directed to creating a great atmosphere, drawing on colour and lighting in particular. It’s important to create an atmosphere that’s quite intentional, to suit the occasion or the people, that will be using the space. The inclusion of greenery also helps to bring a sense of life into the kitchen, being surrounded by nature can create an atmosphere of serenity and calm. Bonsai trees, fresh herbs, and indoor plants look great in the kitchen.

Island Hob

Along with the elements of creating the kitchen atmosphere, Hobs are now largely being found on the island. It offers more cooking space and a stage to perform, as well as a way to relate and connect with the people you’re cooking for. Again it makes it very personal and allows you to spread out in the kitchen, you can be cooking on the stove and have your preps in another area. This will allow you to freely move around the kitchen, which is the main feature of the island, whilst encouraging more interaction. With kitchen hobs being on the island, it allows you to face your family or your guests. These days, cooking has become more of an entertainment, it’s part of what we do when we have people around and the kitchen design reflects this.

Smart Appliances in the kitchen

In the first link, you will see a video posted 5 years ago of, on the direction of where the modern kitchen is going, as well as how we interact with day to day elements. ‘A Day Made of Glass Made possible’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cf7IL_eZ38

From watching the first video you can see that smart surfaces and glass are at the core of the way we interact with different elements. In the second link, you will be able to see how far we’ve come and how close the technology is to being available on the market. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8HnHyohL5o

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