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“More Than Just Kitchens”

The kitchens of today are more important than ever. As the heart of the home and the place where we have our meals, they have always played an important role. It’s no wonder: more happens here than in any other room in the house.

With Schuller’s customised ideas we enable you to design your kitchen to meet your requirements and to include adjoining areas like utility rooms, pantries and living areas. Make the kitchen your favourite place to be – a place in which lasting memories are made.

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“Kitchen, Satisfies the Need”

The Elba Compilation range is from the Concrete Inspired Selection, which is hard wearing to meet the demands of any busy kitchen living space.

“A Gloss Kitchen is a Forever Kitchen”

The kitchen is the centre of family life. It is where living meets cooking and work meets play. It is also where things can get a bit more chaotic at times, making it particularly beneficial when a modern look and high functionality ensure clear lines.

“Kitchen – Think Different”

The Kitchen Meaning Pleasure for All the Senses. The unique combination of surfaces, knotty oak decor, finely grained marble decor and, as a highlight.

“Our Drawer and Pull-Out Systems - Quality in every detail”

Design standards and perfect functionality. This means: elegantly narrow, cubist frame appearance and a consistently coordinated colouring in agate grey and carbon grey. The system is built on a platform that features a great number of options: from open rail pull-outs, through transparent glass box sides, right through to the closed metal box cap solution. Each and every option has a high-value appearance and technical perfection, such as the synchronised guide for a smooth, steady run. In this sense, the optimum drawer and pull-out system for the kitchen.

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