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“Style is the Art of Life”

What do modern kitchens need, what must they be able to do, what do they look like and what makes them unique? Our answer: Kitchens brimming with individuality and a timeless feel, where everything is tailored to those who live with it and cook in it. – NEXT125


“Lighter than Aluminium, Harder than Natural Stone”

Ceramic fits perfectly into any kitchen. Ceramic kitchen fronts are the logical next step into making dream kitchens. Like porcelain, the natural, man-made material contains only substances that also occur in nature. This makes the material environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.


“Inspired by Glass”

High gloss or satin fronts of 3mm thick toughened white glass, available in many colours. The glass edge is protected with an all-round decorative edge covering. The light reflects and refracts in the high-quality surface, with impressive effects.


Satin Lacquer at its Very Best”

The water-based Dual Cure paint system with UV drying meets ecological requirements as well as high durability and resilience. Thanks to the velvety matt, slightly structured surface, the front is easy to care for. Satin lacquer is available in many colours.

“Accessories, It’s As Simple As That!”

Showcasing the Serving Trolley that comes with compartments for bottles, glasses, spices and much more can easily be moved anywhere effortlessly. The practical shelving creates additional storage space and allows for a perfect area for serving.

It is not only multifunctional, mobile and timelessly elegant – but was also awarded; the living design award “Best of Interior” from Callwey Verlag as the best product 2020 and the German Design Award 2021!

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