NX950 Ceramic

Offering various designs and multiple fabric options, we let you put a personal touch on your kitchen. This quality collection is handcrafted.

NX950 Ceramic

The newest Next125 kitchen range is the NX950 ceramic fronted door. An actual 4mm veneer of ceramic sits within an aluminium frame.

“Industrial into our homes”

Bringing the industrial into our homes, the NX950 is available in a light “concrete” and dark ceramic finish. The freestanding cooking area in ceramic concrete grey imitation appears to have been hewn from a single block.

“Purists hearts skip a beat”

The low plinth lets the cooking area appear to float while the clear line of gaps without handles or grip ledges let's purists hearts skip a beat. Drawers and pull-outs equipped with the mechanical opening aid TIP-ON make this design version possible.


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