NX902 Matt Glass Kitchens

Offering various designs and multiple fabric options, we let you put a personal touch on your kitchen. This quality collection is handcrafted.

NX902 Matt Glass Kitchens

The NX902 Matt glass range bring beautiful earth tones of bronze and platinum, or luxurious dark lava black as well as bright whites and neutral grey tones into your kitchen living space.

“Luxurious finishes”

The tones lend themselves effectively in conjunction with other luxurious finishes such as veneers or stainless steel. A popular choice with architects and interior designers for use in flagship projects, matt glass finishes can equally be used to add a touch of exclusivity to any kitchen design.

“Clean & Contemporary”

The NX902 Matt Glass finish is available in the popular handleless kitchen option, or with milled letterbox handles which further enhances the look and feel of a clean and contemporary design.


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