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How the Modern Kitchen Has Evolved

The modern kitchen

The modern kitchen has come a long way over the last decade, simply transforming the way we live. Open planned kitchens have been a very common feature for many years and have helped to shape the modern kitchen today. The materials and vibrant colours extend way beyond the working area nowadays, which helps add this spacious and comfortable living feel.


Traditional kitchens

Traditionally a refurbished kitchen would involve a basic layout and design, which very much focused on the kitchen being able to function. However, these days we find that modern kitchen designers have moved up to interior designers. They ensure that the kitchen design shares the same modern feel and look, complimenting the surrounding rooms. It gives a completely different meaning to getting a new kitchen.


Today the modern kitchen is used for multiple reasons; perhaps a small office, while you type up your reports, a place where you supervise your children doing homework or a casual dining area that’s a lot more stylish and lush, than your usually breakfast bar. Many people state that their whole family living area is now totally immersed as one. Modern Kitchens are no longer rooms that are neglected to being placed at the back of homes. Over the years they have become the centre of entertaining and are now the hub of the home. Cabinetry has also changed; it’s a lot more like custom furniture and often includes an integrated table, with very few families using their formal dining rooms these days. The same cabinetry extends through to the living areas where it features on entertainment units and bookshelves.


Adaptability is another priority for many homeowners, who have different needs when entertaining. Hamilton designer Sandra Grummitt says she is currently designing a table on castors for a client who wants to be able to wheel it nearer to the outdoors when family is entertaining.
Advances in technology are transforming surfaces, so there’s a lot more choice. You can now choose realistic marble-look composite stone bench tops, and tiles that replicate stone, concrete and timber, but are a lot easier to maintain.

Appliances upgrade

More recently the world has seen an introduction to smart refrigerators and ovens. Samsung were the first to take this bold step, by announcing the release of their new Samsung family hub fridge. The fridge comes with a giant touch screen built into one its doors; complete with an app you can use to order groceries online. The inside of the fridge also has a line of cameras installed that will send pictures to your phone when you’re out shopping.

The future is now

It’s amazing how we no longer have to remember what we have in our fridges. Appliances these days almost eliminate this part of the thinking process and make shopping a whole lot easier. A refrigerators main job is to help preserve food, however, its’ strange to think that their capable of monitoring expiry dates, surfing the internet, ordering online, posting pictures, watching videos and playing music.


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