Grand Kitchens are known for bringing the most modern kitchen designs and ideas to Birmingham – the Home Connect system is no different. We’re proud to always be pushing innovative and unique kitchen design elements, ones that are able to be shown off in our showroom. We know some things have to be seen to be believed – the Home Connect system is definitely one of them. It’s the perfect complement to your luxurious, modern kitchen.


Picture the scene. You’re at the supermarket and you’ve forgotten your grocery list (for the fifth time in a row) as well as every single one of your reusable bags. Luckily, you can at least remedy one of these problems! With new Home Connect, you’re able to see inside your fridge using your mobile so that you can see exactly what you’ve forgotten before getting home. This also comes in handy for when those expiration dates are looming, and that cheese turns out to be a different colour than it should be. Perhaps you just want to see what you’ve got in, to plan that dinner just how you wanted it.

The Home Connect technology now makes all of this possible. It can also operate other kitchen appliances remotely, including coffee machines, ovens, dishwasher, washing machines and dryers. It can only control certain brands of appliances currently, but the possibilities are endless for this emerging technology, that is sure to be part of every kitchen in time.

Coffee machines are able to make your drink without you being near it. Enjoy ordering your favourite drink from your bed in the morning or even on the way home after a long day. Your oven can be operated remotely, changing programmes or just simply keeping an eye on things. Your dishwasher is also part of this, able to effectively look after itself. You can turn it on anytime, whilst also being notified about the level of rinse aid – to make sure your dishwasher is always ready to go.

Life is about better things than messing around with your appliances – make it easy as possible by using Home Connect. This way you have time for the things that really matter.


Grand Kitchens always stay up to date with the latest and greatest appliances. We know how it can make or break a kitchen. Come see us or contact us. If it’s good, we’ll have it.

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