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Next125 NX902

Your Guide To German Kitchen Brands

A kitchen is an essential purchase. The impact is has on your home and life cannot be understated. You’ll be in there every day after all! Often people look for a German kitchen brand due to their unparalleled reputation – German kitchens ooze quality. Their success in Europe goes all the way back to the 1950s and 1960s. Their quality goes all the way through their brand, design and manufacture. For a fraction higher cost, you get greatly improved quality and consistency. Kitchens are an area where you get where you pay for! It’s essential to get down to a showroom and get acquainted with the brands available – but which do you choose?

Which German kitchen is best?

There are two brands which excel worldwide, the award winning Next125 and Schuller. Both combine functional elements such as unique pull-out systems and sleek organisation with beautiful designs. Next125 is actually a division of Schuller. Ok, you know these brands are the best – but what’s the difference between them?


Next125 make a statement – they offer contemporary, beautifully ageless designs. They’re extremely clean in their creation, having smooth pull-out openings and the bare minimum of handles and grip ledges. The result is an immensely functional design which is incredibly unique – they have to seen to be believed. Storage is incredibly spacious thanks to precision engineered systems. This brand has sate of the art features like cabinets with no plinth, and centrepieces that appear to float above the floor. Next125 is the premium kitchen – perfect for those who want that little bit more.

next125 kitchen nx120 natural larch
Next125 NX120 Natural Larch


Schuller are one of the leading German kitchen brands. They’re renowned for top quality but also for having competitive prices. Often our customers are surprised at the price difference of Schuller and conventional kitchens – keeping in mind the immense quality benefits of Schuller. They offer incredible minimalist designs and functionality at an incredible price.

Schuller Elba Kitchen
Schuller Elba

Still not sure?

The best thing to do is to head down to our showroom, which has a range of different kitchens from both brands available for you. We’re happy to help you find the right kitchen for you! We’re open Monday to Saturday, 8am till 5pm. If that’s not good for you, you can even come in on a Sunday by appointment! Come into the showroom now and you can see the pinnacle of German kitchens, and get some expert advice. Contact us on 0121 348 7690 or come in to 28 Soho Road, Birmingham, B21 9BH.


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