After many years trying to perfect the boiling water tap Henri had to down tools in 1978. In 1985, after graduating as a lawyer, his son, Niels put on a lab coat and disappeared into the cellar for five years. The idea was turned into a product and the Quooker was born.

Boiling hot water in an instant; creating the boiling hot water tap

In 1970 when engineer Henri Peteri was working on the development of instant soup for an inter- national food company thirty-five years ago, he realised that soup would never be ‘instant’ without boiling water on tap. From that moment on he was captivated by this idea. He left the company he was working for and – working out of the cellar in his own home – started developing an appliance that would dispense boiling water instantly.

“Quooker Boiling Hot Water Tap”

The Quooker Basic was launched in 1992. This was the first in a series of taps designed by Niels Peteri. The Classic followed in 1997, the Design in 1998 and the Modern in 2005. They were all designed at a workbench rather than a drawing board. And it shows in their strong form-follows-function look: large aerator and thin spout.

By 2010 many prototypes, designs, setbacks, doubts and technical changes later, Quooker now produce tens of thousands of Quookers per year. The company have more than a thousand dealers, sales are doubling every two years and there are offices based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France and Switzerland.

“Quick, efficient & instant”

If you ask anyone who has a Quooker they’ll often say it’s their most useful and used appliance. When you think about all the myriad tasks that a Quooker tap can perform it’s really not surprising.

On average a kettle uses the same amount of energy to boil a litre of water as it takes to run a fridge for about seven hours and in the UK we boil our kettle on average four times a day! A Quooker tap on the other hand, will only use 3p worth of energy a day. In contrast using a Quooker, is quick, efficient and instant meaning you use only what you need because the 100°C boiling water is there, ‘on tap’.


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