“Immer Besser” or “Forever Better” was established early as the company motto and stands for a commitment to the highest quality standards, longevity and improvement; both in production and business practices.

The Miele Company has a long and rich history of high quality engineering

Founded in 1899 by a farmers son, Carl Miele, and a salesman, Reinhard Zinkann, The Miele Company is still independently owned and managed by the Miele and Zinkann families. With global headquarters in Gutersloh, Germany, Miele is a world leader in the production of premium domestic and commercial appliances.

“Miele Induction hob & oven”

Miele pride themselves on creating the best products with unsurpassed quality, each are designed for over 15 years use and are subjected to rigorous endurance testing during development. Quality is paramount for the Germanic manufacturer and further product testing after manufacture is commonplace making sure the consumer has piece of mind.

Key moments in the company’s history include the first electric dishwasher, the 1st ever fully automatic Washing Machine and the first Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer and Dishwasher to be controlled by Microprocessors. It is Miele’s constant quest to innovate using new technologies that maintains their position as a global leader in domestic and commercial equipment manufacture.

“Broad range of products”

Miele offer a broad range of products that reflect the multitude of lifestyle needs. From the ground breaking Miele coffee system to advanced cooking products, the Miele brand is established globally and recognised for high quality and excellent design. Eloquently described by themselves as ‘innovative, with a host of exciting features and market leading performance wrapped up in a gentle evolution of timeless design’.

“Miele Design”

PureLine is understated. It can easily be integrated into a modern kitchen where the focus is on a minimalist range of materials. The high proportion of glass creates a calm visual impression. Distinctive features include horizontal stainless steel components and an attractive handle, which appears to float above a background of jet-black glass.

The minimalist approach is reflected in a series of clean steel as well as all-glass appliances in Obsidian Black, Havana Brown and Brilliant White. M-Touch technology brings touch sensitive control to the Pureline range, simplifying the user interface further with easy to follow, on-screen instructions.


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