Faber Hoods

The Faber story – and with it the story of the first kitchen cooker hood – began a long time ago in a small workshop.

Creating Cooker Hoods for over 60 years; Pioneers in extraction

Many years have passed since then. Decades in fact, during which time we have concentrated on improving the design, functionality and quality of our hoods. Today we are one of the world’s top hood manufacturers. Faber was the first company ever to make kitchen hoods, and we are still the number one today, in quality and quantity.

“Pioneering Spirit”

Since we invented the very first cooker hood, we have transformed the hood from a humble furnishing accessory into an essential item of kitchen equipment – safe, stylish and functional. Pioneering is in our DNA. We are constantly exploring new ideas, acquiring new knowledge and investigating new extraction technology.

“Faber, leaders in air quality & kitchen wellbeing”

The Faber Group of industries is already present in 8 countries and on 3 continents. Thanks to our commitment, tenacity, passion and dynamism, we continue to grow, investing in new extraction technology, production techniques and leading-edge design.

“Blue Sky”

The Faber story is one of achievement and growth over the years. Sixty years that have given us unique experience and brought us unrivalled success. In this time, every new product has taken us one step nearer to perfection, and given us new vision and understanding. Faber’s quest for quality and innovation has been a breath of fresh air for the home.


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